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At Edukos Trust we believe that all children have a right to come to our schools and feel all of the above. We ensure this happens by doing the following things:

Value – we value the contribution that each and every child makes to our school communities. This can be an academic skill, a social skill or experiences that they may bring from their lives outside of their school.

Nurture – by valuing the individual child, we are able to share and celebrate their skills. In turn, we are able to nurture our children by recognising that they can bring additional aspects to our school communities. Through the nurturing of these skills, we can provide others with opportunities that may not have be experienced before.

Fulfilment – we ensure that each child is able to fulfil their potential. We do not allow them to see difficulties as things that cannot be overcome but merely as something that will challenge them to be their very best. At whatever level of their ability, the children are able to gain fulfilment from the activities they take part in.

Support – we offer our children a range of support. This may be simple recognition of the fact that they are having difficulties elsewhere in their lives or that they need longer-term support. It may be that they need support in their everyday work or that they need to be supported emotionally. At all levels, children should feel that they have someone to turn to.

Harmony – we encourage our children to celebrate difference. By doing so, they recognise that the whole world is made up of differences and that in order to live in a world with differences, they have to learn how to get along. We develop emotionally intelligent children who are able to understand why people behave in certain ways. When they are able to recognise this, they are able to react in an appropriate manner thus allowing everyone to be harmonious in our school community.

Praise – we provide our children with many opportunities to celebrate and receive praise. All staff give immediate praise to children about their work, their behaviour and how they conduct themselves with one and other. They receive stickers, certificates and pin badges in recognition of their efforts and have opportunities to share this with the wider school community.