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Below are the details of our members and their pecuniary interests.

Current Members

Full NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeHow Appointed
Mrs Lisa Dawson15/11/2019Member Appointed
Mr Nathan Greenfield12/11/2019until ceases to be Chairman of the TrusteesChairman of Trustees
Mr Huw Thomas01/06/2018Member Appointed

Member Resignations

Full NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeDate of ResignationHow Appointed
Mrs Sylvia Bursell16/04/201327/04/2017Member Appointed
Mrs Emma Ideson (Chairman)14/07/2015until ceases to be Chairman of the Trustees04/05/2018Chairman of the Trustees
Mrs Jennifer Jewitt12/12/201212/07/2019Member Appointed
Mr Michael Whitaker27/04/201703/05/2018Member Appointed
Mrs Pat Coyle08/09/201716/05/2019Member Appointed
Mr Michael Whitaker04/05/201807/11/2019Chairman of the Trustees