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Here you will find all the information you need about the members of our Board of Trustees.

Current Members

Full NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeHow Appointed
Mrs Sandra Breene (Vice-Chair)06/10/20174 yearsMember Appointed
Mr Chris Wilson19/07/20194 yearsTrustee Co-opted
Mr Nathan Greenfield (Chair)14/03/20164 yearsTrustee Co-opted
Mr Chris Huscroft01/05/2014until ceases to be CEOCEO
Mrs Susan Lyon07/12/20184 yearsTrustee Co-opted
Ms Estelle Macdonald09/11/20174 yearsMember Appointed
Mr Nicholas Robinson19/07/20194 yearsTrustee Co-opted
Mrs Jeanette Sutherland11/11/20204 yearsTrustee Co-opted

Member Resignations

Full NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeDate of ResignationHow Appointed
Mrs Emma Ideson01/04/20144 years04/05/2018Parent Trustee
Mrs Karen Markham02/10/2013-14/12/2017Trustee Co-opted
Mrs Caroline Neadley06/07/20154 years04/12/2017Trustee Co-opted
Mr Jonathan Russell02/10/20134 years01/06/2018Trustee Co-opted
Miss Hannah Stephenson14/03/201614/12/2017Trustee Co-opted
Mrs Claire Taylor06/07/20154 years04/12/2017Parent Trustee
Mr Michael Whitaker14/03/20164 years07/11/2019Trusted Co-opted
Mrs Kathy Rowe19/07/20194 years20/11/2020Trustee Co-opted
Mr Neil Crawford14/12/20174 years28/12/2019 (Deceased)Trustee Co-opted